Fussy Cutting| Nancy Sinclair

Hi All, I hope you are having a good month, and enjoying the festive season that will soon be upon us.  This month I am revisiting the technique shared by Esther in her Snip and Snap class at the October 2018 GoGo Getaway, that is fussy cutting/ decoupage techniques.


I am a big fan of fussy cutting and find that lots of papers that are produced today, are ideal for attacking with your scissors.  This is not only a way to stretch your stash it also means that you can create your own embellishments, without purchasing the die-cut packs that accompany the collection.

gogo dec

On my page I have used the fussy cutting technique, to emphasis designs that are already printed on the paper, this is something that I associate with decoupage, on cards, but it can be applied to scrapbook pages as well.

This paper from Vicki Boutin was one that instantly appealed to me, and I knew it would work well to capture the GoGo Haydock Dayaway from November.  I gave my self permission to use 3D foam pads on my layout, I am trying to cut down on the bulk of my pages in my album, as things have gotten a bit out of control!


I teamed the fussy cut/decoupaged elements with other embellishments from the collection to create the clusters around my photo.  I also have some of these papers left, so will be able to use them on any other pages from the event.

I am a huge advocate for fussy cutting and find that this is often a good thing to do, when you are not in the mood, or don’t have the time to create a page, but you want to be crafty.  I have a stack of papers in my stash that I have put aside for the purpose of fussy cutting and pick these up alongside my favourite scissors and set to work, when the mood strikes.

I have in the past taken a piece of paper and cut out the elements, for example a camera, and used this throughout a mini album to create a cohesive look, and as a form of repetition in clusters as this is something that I enjoy.


I really recommend you try this technique, and although I find it relaxing I understand why some people can get stressed by cutting out.  I find one of the best things to start with is some floral motives, as the form of flowers is not so precise that someone could necessarily tell if you were to make a mistake.

I hope you all have a wonderful festive period and I will see you again in 2019.


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