Machine Stitched Grid


and what a beautiful sunny one it is, dare I say it, almost too nice to be inside scrapping ? Shocking I know especially as its the weekend we celebrate our craft around the world. I hope that you are finding the time to enjoy one of the many activities being run this weekend, including GOGO.

I am here to share my take on the lovely Niki’s machine stitched grid class, that she taught at the St Albans GOGO Dayaway in April. In this class the grid was used as a slightly abstract background element. I have also used it as a background element however I was a little more literal in my approach.

Share Life GoGo Getaway Louise Fortune

The grid was stitched at 2inch intervals both horizontally and vertically using grey quilting cotton (its a little thicker) on my sewing machine (a standard brother machine)

All the elements were then arranged to compliment the photo utilising the spaces created by the grid. Placing the photo and the jornalling card across grid spaces rather than in them gives added interest and breaks up the rigidity of the design.


Using an undulating title and rounded embellishments gives this piece a nice balance to the structured background.


Using a grid in design is a great way of giving any piece a framework to build from, whether its imagined to allow you to  align the elements in your space or using the more literal approach of a visible grid that becomes part of the actual design – Have Fun – Keep on Scrapping in the Sunshine – Happy NSD weekend.


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