Stamping One…. Mixed Stamp fun…

Hello, how are you all? Have you managed to avoid all the germs that have been generous is sharing themselves of recent?

It’s Lisa here to share with you my Lo this month in which I have been playing with “Roller Stamps” I have taken my inspiration from a class by Madie at the recent GoGo Getaway at Haydock. There are so many stamps out on the market and to be honest, to date I have always not really been keen to purchase any. Although, having completed this LO I have placed some in my basket… and I am continuing to hunt for some more.


I feel that the best buys would be those that are universal and not too unique to the paper range, those that will “fit in” on mixed themed LO’s. Date stamps are a must, be sure to check the year that they run too! Also I was able to “borrow” stamps with the alphabet allowing me to create my own words.. this was fun….


As you can see above the print also shows slight marks where the ink has taken around the letters or pattern. This is due to the ink being around the stamp directly or it can also be caused when your stamp is not in correct alignment. This was intentional for my LO as I wanted to provide a mixed effect allowing for imperfections due to the volume of stamps used. The matter can be easily resolved when you are inking the stamp… cotton buds are also helpful in ensuring the stamp has no excess ink.

To complete my LO I drew the circle in pencil filling it with the vast array of stamps, I have used Black Stayz On ink. I drew a faint pencil line of the intended placement of my photo to allow for consideration of the stamps. The circle outline was then stitched in gold thread which I doubled up to define the outline. I mounted the photo with card and three layers of tissue paper in pink and gold. A splash of pink ink has brought subtle colour in between the stamped words and shapes. I placed the bow, washi tape and the small title to the bottom right of the photo with a scattering of large gold sequins on the page.


Its a simple LO with lots of sentiments to celebrate a special day. Personalising with the stamps was lots of fun.

Thank you for stopping by to have a look at my LO. I hope that I am able to see what you create too xx .. so please share on the GoGo Facebook page xx.

Take care and see you soon… maybe at the Getaway at Theobolds Park, Hertfordshire…? as it is fast approaching… eeek eeek… (squeals of excitement!!) x


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