Cross Stitch – Amsterdam

Almost February – How did that happen ? Anyway Hello from Me, Louise, my first blog post. Today Im sharing with you the layout I created using a technique taught by Lorraine at GoGoGetaway in October 2017.

The pointed rooftops of  some of the buidings in central Amsterdam were the  inspiration for the triangular elements of this design. I kept the overall feel simple by mounting a trimmed piece of white cardstock onto a sheet of 12×12 patterned paper, a design with a small geometric pattern, the colour of which reflects the colours of the other elements in the layout.


Before stitching my cross stitch elements I placed all the other layout components where I wanted them and then I drew in the triangles  and the two title lines for the cross stitch. After removing all the other elements I used a stitch piecer and a some graph paper cut to size to create the holes for the cross stitch. Once the stitching elements were completed I added everything else back to the design and stuck it all down.

Cross stitching on a layout adds texture and dimension and is an easy and theraputic excercise, if its the first time you have tried this technique, keep it simple, use straight lines and basic shapes.

i hope that this inspires you to use your needles and thread for something other than putting missing buttons back on clothes. Dont forget to share your creations using this technique over on the  GoGo Facebook Page


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