Cutfiles+Paint= The Best Combination

Hi everyone and Happy New Year from me, I hope everyone is still sticking to their crafty goals and resolutions.  Mine this year is definitely to use my stash, I have mixed some newer and older bits on this page.

I am revisiting the lovely Terri’s layouts from the November GoGoGetaway in Haydock.  Terri’s uses some lovely cut-files and combined them with the wonderful Prima watercolours from the event

LA FooterTemplateNancy

I am not a huge fan of the white cardstock, which really makes the watercolours pop on Terri’s pages, so I had to go a little out of my comfort zone for this page.

I am still working on my America Trip album, and it is one of my crafty goals for this year is to get it finished so I picked a selection of photos from a very large pile.  This layout is going to be the front page from all the photos from our evening at the LA Dodgers Stadium.

I used an image of the LA Dodgers logo to make a cut file for title of my page.  I really like the trace and cut feature for making my own specific cut-files.


I used the cut-file as a template and marked around it and the added my watercolour and mediums around this.  It creates a halo for the cut-file to sit on.

I then created my photo cluster to the side of my cutfile, as I did not want to cover all that lovely background. I also kept my layers quite tight to the photos, its also a good way to use up scraps.

I really love this page, and enjoyed using a large element for my title, it has definitely spured me on to get the rest of the photos in this series scrapped.

I hope you all have a good rest of the month and I will see you in February.


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