Negatives are positive and pretty too… 

Hello and welcome to my blog post this month.. I have completed my LO using negative space on a LO to create a positive…

This technique was recently used by Ester at a fab GoGo Dayaway event in Ipswich.

As you will see from my LO, I completed the elements all over my LO background with a lighter use of my spray which is a chalk based product by October Afternoon. To help the shapes stand out on the page and also add a little sparkle I added stitches around the shapes….

The technique is really flexible in how it can be used and can create many different effects, it adds detail to a page as an element like an embellishment however does not cost much…. My page has stars, hearts and bows which are elements seen on the photo.


Although spraying on the page can seem quite scary, take a deep breathe and spend time practicing, embrace the uncontrolled element. I kept the spray at a distance so the coverage on the page allowed for the base colour of the page to show through… fun can be added to the page when you start mixing colours too….

Another page for my Disney album…

What are you working on at the moment? We do like to see, don’t be shy to share on the Facebook page….

Take care, see you soon- Hugs



    1. Yes sharon… I scattered the shapes on the page… had a spray then removed them… tried not to think about it… so literally threw them on to look random… x


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