Roaring Paper Folds 

Hello.. How are you all? Are you managing any scrapping time in this gloomy “Summer”!!!  I am up this month to share with you paper folding within a LO which was used recently showcased at a GoGo Dayaway Event in St Albans with Niki and Kirei…


As you can see on the LO above completed by Kirei there are many folded triangles revealing the different paper patterns an effective technique for a page which got me thinking…. (scary I know!!)

Having “millions” of photos of an amazing family holiday to Disney in Florida I decided to use the technique for my Disney Album…. Finally deciding on a cherished family meal at T-Rex allowing for the opportunity to create some dinosaurs for the page. Roar!!!

I have used a Crate Paper Cool Kid for my page as just matches the theme whilst remaining quite fresh and modern. I have sewn on the LO using a cross that I cut from the vellum paper to use as a template.  The matching alphas from the collection really “sold themselves” to me as I don’t usually buy these however they have become a real embellishement on the page.


I purchased some Origami paper to construct my dinosaurs with which traditionally is 15cmX15cm in size. These are easily purchased and can be bought in various colours and variations. My chosen paper allows for a different shade on each side.


Creating the dinosaurs was quite tricky and they varied in complexity. There are so many instructions and videos that you can access to show the process. At times I became very frustrated as the mistake created a fold which I did not want visible and so would start again!!!!

They have been quite hard to photo also as the paper is quite shiny, which whilst looks amazing on the LO has been hard to capture.


I must say they have worked really well on the LO and has opened my eyes to the options available to create your own embellishments should you not have one in your stash. I also want to have a play with Scrapbook paper now too! Why don’t you have a go?


Thank you for stopping by to have a look, see you soon, signaturelisa















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