All bound up!

Good morning everyone! Welcome to another blog post, how are you all enjoying this lovely summer we are having?

GoGo Getaway March 2017 Session 3 Giselle

For my post this month I am going to share with you my take on Giselle’s Coptic book binding class that she taught in March.  Some of you might know my love for mini books and this was really fun to make. 🙂 I have lots of fun stuff going on this year so I thought this mini album might be a good way of documenting some of those memories.  I have made my book in a way that you can keep adding pages to it as you go along – keep reading it will all become clear!

blog post 8.5

blog post 8

My book measures about 5.2 x 7.2, I have an album cover that I made using some mixed media techniques that you can see in the first picture.  I have a ton of A4 sized paper and I thought those might be good to use to keep wastage to a minimum.  There is some standard heavy white paper in there and those will be used for journaling, a number of the pages are vellum, acetate, printed acetate and various pearl finish card stock in soft pastel colours. I folded each piece of card in half and used a bone folder to give a crisp edge, you have to make sure you go over the acetate several times otherwise it doesn’t fold nicely.  I had a dummy page in the 5 x 7  size that I clipped to each page with some bulldog clips and then I cut them with my paper cutter, this ensures accuracy for all the pages.  The pages that I wanted together I cut together.  These then become your ‘signatures’. I have made 15 of them.

blog post 8.1

Then comes the fun part of creating the ‘binding’ I’ve used some bamboo wool around 1.5 metre, leaving a long tail I started to wind the wool around the spine, once a few rounds were done I clipped it in place with the bulldog clip and then that gives you back two hands to continue binding, as you can see the wool is nicely lined up with quite a firm tension. There are 30 rounds on my book. Using a big needle I went around the binding to finish off, its pulled in slightly but not too much otherwise you wont be able to get the signatures in on the inside. I tied off bringing the tail underneath the binding and then knotted twice and snipped off the ends.

blog post 8.2

The first picture here shows the inside of the book, you take your signature and push it through the binding and there is your page! I put a page in every other bind as I know that the album will become bulky once I start documenting and creating mini layouts but I can also add more pages if I want to or take pages out so its quire versatile! I decorated the spine to finish it off neatly.  You could go a step further and add charms while you are binding if you wanted and use different types of paper for your base pages.  I hope you have enjoyed this post and will give book binding a go!


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