Taking Inspiration

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all recovering from any Chocolate egg induced food coma.  I have stopped by to share with you my take on some of the challenge layouts from the March GoGo Getaway.

Nancy's Moodboard

First up I want to share with you the page from the moodboard that I created.

My cha

I love that the moodboard was interpreted in such different ways at the weekend, some people embracing more mixed media and some people going more traditional.

Lorraine's Moodboard


I also had a go at Lorraine’s moodboard and loved the combination of the yellow and turquoise and even managed to sneak in a feather.

Giselle's colour

Gis col

My next layout was worked using the colour theme by Giselle.   I love the more muted colours from this.

My next two layouts are worked using Kirei’s and Sarah’s sketches, I really struggle with following sketches so I  challenged myself to do both.

K SketchThis is for Kirei’s.

sar skThis is for Sarah’s.

I really enjoyed seeing the wall of creations at the weekend and really enjoyed seeing all the different combinations.

Thanks for stopping and come back and check out more fab blogpost in the coming weeks.


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