Having a Whale of a time making stamps

Hi Everyone, I hope March is treating you well.  This month I have had fun revisiting a technique from the last getaway, making stamps.  I have done lots of lino cuts in the past, but this is not something I have ever though of adding in to my scrapbooking.

Look! March nancy

I decided I would make a stamp that I could use on several pages around the same topic to help them look good together in my album.  I decided a cheerful little whale to document my whale watching photos.  I also carved a couple of bubbles, which I was able to add in to my background.

I used easy carve rubber but erasers work just as well and come in a variety of sizes too.  I mounted mine on some foam to help me get an even impression.

I kept my photos in a simple column and added texture to the background with stamping an some sewing.


The layers were simple and I used some stickers that have been in my stash for a while too.  My whales of course took pride of place on the bottom of the page, I used distress inks to stamp them so they echoed a lino cut look, which is what I wanted.


I am looking forward to using this cheerful stamp on some other pages, and have an idea for a few more stamps to help tell specific stories.

This month I have a made a process video to accompany this video, you can find it over on  my personal YouTube page, I would love it if you came over and checked it out.

Not long till the next Getaway, looking forward to meeting everyone that is going, and sharing a fab crafty time.


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