Love – Over Reaction?


Hey there, Niki here today showing another take on using reactive mediums on a layout. In Lisa’s class in October 2016 GoGoGetaway, we mixed toner powder with water to create a paste, which we then put through a stencil and, once dry, ran through the Minc machine to foil it.

I thought I’d try out the ‘Reactive Mist’ that is designed to go with the Minc. I began by spraying the mist onto my background but it did not spray like a regular mist, it was thicker and did not spray a fine mist, but left large blobs. So I placed a piece of cellophane over the top of it and smooshed it all around. I then added a few flicks here and there. I dried it completely with a heat gun – this is very important, the foil will not react with it unless it is completely dry. I then applied rose gold foil over the top and ran it through the Minc. The results are gorgeous! My cardstock was textured and therefore the look is distressed which I knew would happen. If I’m looking for a perfect foiled effect then I ultra smooth cardstock but on this occasion I opted for textured and am really happy with the look I got.




If you have a Minc, or even a laminator then give this a try. I plan to try out the Toner Pen and the Reactive Paint next 🙂

Happy scrapping xx


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