All strung up…. 

Hello and Happy Valentines to you all… it’s Lisa here with my post for February and quite fittting as it incorporates photos of a place I Love…. Disney….

Following the Getaway in October I have had a play with string art which was a class delivered by Niki.

My Layouts incorporate sting art to highlight an area on a photo and then are used to for an oversized title.


We were lucky to stay at the Art of Animation an amazing bright hotel in Florida in 2015. The lobby hosts many sketches of the themed hotel of Nemo, Little Mermaid and Cars characters with an enormous film strip lit up in a range of rainbow colours.


I followed these colours to create my title which I cut out on my trusty Cricut using the “All mixed up” font set as a shadow allowing space to fill the letters with the thread. I chose variagated colours to allow for depth on the letters. I decided to create the title on separate card placing on the LO with foam pads for depth.

I splashed some black paint for the background following on from the “Art” theme.  Secured the title and photos with a little more sketching and a few more stitches the LO came together…


For my second LO I have used the string art to focus in on the main area of the photo…

This LO has minimal cardstock used allowing for the palin white base card to show the string art applying a splash of pale blue and pink ink.

Whilst waiting for the parade the balloons appear everywhere and they look stunning, although not practical to carry around with you for the rest of the day. I wanted to capture this on a LO.

I placed my photo with a minimal souround to the bottom right drawing faintly in pencil 2 circles one to highlight the balloons on the photo and another larger circle expanding of the page. I completed the string art in white to depict the white string of the balloons and then applied a generous amount of sherbet embellishments which have an irredecent appearance.


The remaining area came together with some washi tape to the top left corner and a little tucked under the photo area. I secured a couple more embelishements, stamped I heart this and happy place with a white title of flying high…. although quite time consuming I am very happy with the finished LO.



Have you had a play with string art, if so please share with us in the Facebook page.

Until next time take care,



  1. Hi Lisa – these are lovely – with the white circle – did you stitch it and then loop the string art through it? So going to try this xxx


    1. I stitched the outline of the circles and then added the string art once both outlined were completed …. please share with us Sharon xxxx


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