Delightful Downton


Hey there, Niki here with you today with a slightly different take on on the Packing Tape technique that Louise used for one of her classes during GoGo Getaway October 2016. I was quite confused when I first heard of this technique – I just couldn’t get it straight in my head, so here goes, I hope I can explain it better. You print or photocopy images (these must be printed on a toner printer) and then stick clear packing tape over the images. You then soak the strips in water and rub off the paper. This leaves the toner image on the clear tape and nothing else.

Louise’s layout contained bold black, very striking images so for my take on this technique I wanted to go for something more soft, and in colour. I have a colour laser printer so I printed off an image of some golden stars onto standard A4 paper. Stuck my tape over the top and then rubbed the paper off the back. The results are lovely. Small delicate stars on a clear sticker basically which I could position where ever I wanted on my layout.


They give the effect of being like ‘rub-ons’, without the hassle of trying to get them off the backing!




Thanks so much for stopping by to look at my layout today, see you next time and happy scrapping xx


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