Make Your Own….Stamps!

Morning all, so I am here to show you what I did with Louise’s ‘make your own’ stamps technique from the last GoGo Getaway. Firstly you need a few plain rectangular rubber erasers, I got mine for 50p each in Hema near work but you can pick them up pretty much anywhere.20170106_225340

Using a pencil lightly draw a design on the eraser, I suggest you start with something not too detailed like arrows, hearts or stars. Then using a craft knife cut around your design, being careful not to go right through the eraser! To remove the parts of the eraser that you don’t want to be part of the design you need to slice into the eraser from each side until you reach where you have already cut down into it. This should then lift out pretty easily! You can see how they end up from the picture above.

On my first layout I used the skinny arrow stamp to stamp a border along the top and bottom of the 12″ x 12″ cardstock. I used some of the new Hazelwood papers and embellishments from ‘One Canoe Two’ by American Crafts to finish my layout.lovely-10th-jan

I then thought I would venture beyond just stamping with ink….and stamped a complete page of the bigger arrow with versamark, sprinkled with clear embossing powder and heat set it to create a background page for my next layout.


But decided this was a little too plain so had to add some colour which I did using spray mists. I used clear cello to spoldge it on and then tapped on some smaller splashes of the three colours. You can see how the arrows showed up much better this way!

I did also stamp a few of the arrows and cut them out to layer over the already embossed arrows. This was definitely more messy than my usual style but it was fun to try something different!


Why don’t you have a go at making your own stamps, we’d love to see your layout over on the GoGo Facebook page!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Hi Kirei – lovely LO! Can you refresh my memory how to use the mists please – do you just spray them on to cellophane and press them down on to the Layout? I bought some and have no idea what to do with them……

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    1. Hi Sharon – thank you! To do what I did you just take the cellophane (I use the wrapper from some 12×12 chipboard), spray some of the mist onto it and also spray some water just to dilute it down slightly. Make sure it’s mixed together and then I literally just flip it over and press it onto my cardstock. Just keep lifting it and pressing it down again until all colour has transferred over. Best way is to use less colour to start with and then add more until you’re happy with it! I also added some drops by tapping the spray mist over the base colour (untwist the top and tap). Hope that helps! Post your finished layout on the blog, I’d love to see what you do 🙂


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