GoGo Getaway technique, October 2016

Hi everyone, I hope you had a crafty Christmas & are ready for more scrapbooking throughout 2017! I don’t usually make resolutions but this year I am going to try to make more time for scrapping…I hope!

Meantime, at the GoGo Getaway that I attended last October there was a class which included using fringed paper on a layout. I didn’t do that class, so I decided to give it a try at home and here’s the result. I like the way that it adds dimension and texture to the layout.


The paper can be cut by hand or you can use a die cutting machine or a fringing die if you have them. If you’re cutting by hand it’s probably easiest to use a craft knife. Mark out the width of the fringes with a pencil if you want to keep the fringing equal or be brave and go freehand!  Use Herma for a temporary ‘fix’ to keep the paper still.

You get better control of your craft knife if you cut towards you rather than cutting sideways or in the ‘away’ direction. You can make the fringes even or varied in width and length, use plain card stock or patterned paper, so there’s a few options to try on your page layout. They would look good as a ‘banner’ along the top or across one corner of a page design for example.

Another way to use fringing is to make cute flowers as shown here:


Fringe a strip of paper, add glue to the uncut edge and roll it until you have formed a flower.


Stick the end down using a wet, quick drying glue and use a pencil to curve all the fringes away from the centre. You can add a smaller roll for the centre and make stalks by glueing a long strip of paper through the underside of the flower’s centre. They would look lovely on a card, a spring themed layout or you could even make a whole bunch in different sizes to display in your home!

Fringing is a relatively easy technique that needs no special tools, is cheap (!) and has lots of possibilities. If you try it, please post your layout on the Facebook page to share with us all.

See you next month!



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